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Image by Redd F

Hannah Rehrer,
Galleria Orthodontics

Website Design &
Social Media Mgmt.

Roxxstar Entertainment is fabulous! I love how professional they are. Fi and D make a great team they are both so talented. Fi produces great content. 


I appreciate their business ethics. They are great with communicating and sticking to what they say.

Los Judah,
Fitness Entrepreneur

website design, social media mgmt. & consulting

Fifi & DBL, 


Thank you both for the consulting, graphic design, E-books and content creation. I thank you for always utilizing your resources and relationships to help build my brand and business.


And when it comes to bios, I told DBL, I couldn’t write my story better than how he has presented it... and it’s my story lol. 


Thank you, much love!


Pilot / Art Collector

abstract artwork

I found you on Google Fifi Marika and love your artwork. I have now commissioned several high-end pieces from you and I think all are truly spectacular. I can't pick a favorite as I love them all. I enjoyed seeing the bedroom piece in natural light today.


VERY happy!

Image by Redd F



Hi D. And Fi, I met you guys through a mutual friend who raved about you as a "talented couple.” But of course, being into music and an artist I gravitated to D.B.L.


I was impressed with his resume. The best thing I did was work with him on getting my artist development together. He bottom line has the experience. 


I am an Indie artist and the knowledge he shared with me will last me my whole life and career.

Singer | Songwriter

  • Instagram

artist development &

All the things you've been telling me (D.B.L.) for months made me gain so much confidence in myself and I haven’t been this happy and in such a good place in a long time. You made me realize how important I am and now I really take care of myself and my surroundings. 

I’ve never been pushed as much before and it has been nice learning.

You help build my confidence more you’re a true inspiration and great mentor.

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