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LuxeSocial, the heart of Roxxstar Entertainment, specializes in personalized social media management, strategic content creation, and trendsetting branding.


We excel in crafting unique digital identities and offering modern, contemporary, and innovative web and logo designs to elevate your online presence. Collaborate to elevate your dream online presence.

Meet Co-Owner Fifi 
Branding Expert, Creative Content Curator, & Strategist.

Fifi, the powerhouse behind LuxeSocial at Roxxstar Entertainment, harnesses over 6 years of digital expertise. A master of branding, social media strategy, and dynamic content creation, she distinctly shapes LuxeSocial's innovative edge.


Fifi is more than just an abstract artist. Her artistic perspective seamlessly integrates into LuxeSocial's essence.

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Social Media Management:

What is Social Media Management? Social media management involves optimizing multiple platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more. It includes content creation, audience engagement, community growth, and ensuring brand consistency across various channels to boost your digital presence.

Who is it for? Entrepreneurs, businesses, and content creators aiming to boost their online presence. It's for those feeling stuck, short on time for consistent engagement, or overwhelmed with the workload. We're here to handle it for you and make your social presence shine!

What is included? 1 | Social media management: Enhancing your brand's online impact and growth through expert optimization. 2 | Social media strategy: Crafting a tailored strategy for diverse platform success, covering goals, audience, content, and tactics. 3 | Content creation: Delivering top-notch visuals, captivating copy, and engaging videos to drive business success. 4 | Monthly reports & strategy calls: Keeping you updated on social media performance and refining strategies for maximum impact.

Pricing Our pricing is tailored to your business needs and social media goals. Let's discuss a customized package that fits your budget while helping you shine online.

Content Batching:

What is Content Batching? Content batching involves creating ready-to-use content to streamline your online presence management. Our basic package offers curated content batches, while the premium package includes pre-written captions, strategic hashtags, a detailed posting schedule, and a comprehensive content strategy.

Who is it for? Individuals, businesses, and creators seeking ready-made content to efficiently manage their social media presence without extensive resources.

What is included? [Content Curation Package:] - Monthly delivery of curated content batches. - Optional content shoots for local businesses. - Ready-to-use content for social media platforms. [Comprehensive Content Strategy Package:] - Monthly delivery of curated content batches. - Optional content shoots for local businesses. - Pre-written captions for each post. - Strategic hashtags. - Detailed posting schedule. - Comprehensive content strategy aligned with brand goals and audience engagement.

Pricing Our pricing is customized to suit your needs and budget. Our tailored packages ensure you get the most value for your investment.


Brand Identity:

What is Brand Identity? Brand identity is the visual and verbal representation of your brand's essence. It includes imagery, colors, fonts, and design elements that communicate your brand's personality and values.

Who is it for? Businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs seeking to establish a distinct and memorable brand presence. It's ideal for those aiming to solidify their brand's personality, values, and visual identity, enabling effective audience connection and industry differentiation.

What is included? Brand Board Creation: - Logo design encapsulating brand essence. - Color palette selection aligned with brand identity. - Typography guidelines for consistent messaging. - Visual elements defining brand aesthetic. Brand Strategy Packet: - Target audience demographics and behavior analysis. - Content strategy detailing tone, themes, and platforms. - Messaging guidelines for consistent brand communication. - Actionable steps to boost brand visibility and engagement.

Pricing Contact us directly for pricing details tailored to your brand's needs.

Instagram & TikTok Plans

Additional Services:

Website design
E-commerce integration
Website maintenance

On-site content shoots
Social media audits
Custom graphic design
Personal branding / Re-branding

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