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meet fifi marika

“The energy of the piece will resonate with someone the way it resonates with me.” — Fifi Marika, CEO | Creative Director | Abstract Artist

Fifi Marika, a native of Australia, established a thriving makeup business in Noosa, a highly coveted wedding location, where she adorned the faces of brides and models with her artistic skills. . .

After making a name for herself as a makeup artist in television, commercials, music videos, and short films in Hollywood, Fifi Marika teamed up with partner D.B.L. to establish Roxxstar Entertainment.


Although her expertise is now primarily sought after for her upscale commercial and private abstract artwork, Fifi serves as the Creative Director of Roxxstar Entertainment and heads the Abstract Art department. In this capacity, she brings the same creative energy evident in her artwork to diverse areas such as business branding, web and logo design, content creation, and social media strategy and management. 


Fifi's half-Ukrainian, half-Irish heritage is reflected in her distinctive style, which involves the innovative use of a range of improvised scrapers and palette knives to create texture and a three-dimensional effect. Her exclusive artwork has graced the walls of prominent venues in Las Vegas' Downtown Arts District, including Taverna Costera, Saturation Gallery, and AW Gallery.

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Fifi is a passionate advocate of giving back to the community and actively supports the work of local artists. In addition to championing their efforts, she conducts workshops to mentor and inspire aspiring artists. When she's not producing various projects with local talent, Fifi indulges her passion for psychedelic rock music by playing bass guitar.

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unleash your creativity: commission your artwork

Why settle for mass-produced art when you can own a unique masterpiece that reflects your individuality?

Commissioning lets you collaborate directly with the artist, shaping every aspect of your artwork to align perfectly with your taste and style. From colors to composition, your vision becomes a true reflection of your unique personality and aesthetics.

Commissioning abstract artwork forges a unique emotional connection. Your active participation in the creation process, sharing inspirations and desires with the artist, weaves your story into the artwork's narrative.


Commissioning supports artists and fosters their craft. Engage in a creative partnership, witnessing their expertise unfold as they bring your vision to life!


the process

1. Start with an initial consultation to share your ideas, preferences, and objectives. The artist offers valuable insights and suggestions for a successful collaboration.


2. The artist creates a concept based on your input, allowing for feedback and adjustments to meet your expectations.


3. After concept approval, the artist begins creating, employing their expertise to transform the vision into captivating abstract art. Regular updates and feedback opportunities ensure the artwork evolves as desired.


4. Upon completion, the artist presents the artwork for your final review. After necessary adjustments, the piece is rolled into a shipping tube and delivered to your desired location, ready to be stretched, framed and hung with pride!

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