Meet Fifi Marika


“The energy of the piece will resonate with someone the way it resonates with me.” — Fifi Marika


Australian-born Fifi Marika ran a successful makeup business in her hometown of Noosa, painting on the faces of brides and models in  one of the world’s premiere wedding destinations.


After moving to Hollywood to work as a makeup artist in television, commercials, music videos and short films, Fifi founded Roxxstar Entertainment with her partner D.B.L.

Now primarily an abstract artist, Fifi's pieces have adorned the walls of Las Vegas’ Downtown Arts District, including Taverna Costera, Saturation Gallery and AW Gallery. Her main works are high-end, commissioned abstract art pieces for both private and commercial clients.

Fifi Marika’s unconventional signature style is created using an eclectic  mix of  improvised tools like scrapers and palette knives, with metallic, three-dimensional colors. Each piece embodies a frequency “vibe” that is a reflection of her inspirations. Fifi brings that same creative energy to her web design, logo creation, photography, etc. at Roxxstar Entertainment. 

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A strong proponent of "giving back," Fifi champions the work of local artists (some of whom are featured on Roxxstar Entertainment's 'Art & Coffee Lounge' online IG gallery) and holds workshops and master classes for aspiring artists. Also a musician, whose parents met in a band, Fifi enjoys practicing bass and keeps one foot in the music industry producing several projects with local talent. She also enjoys cooking and listening to psychedelic rock music.

Image by Cat Han

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