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Fifi Collective

Discover Fifi Marika's abstract art for sale or commission a custom piece.


meet fifi marika


Fifi Marika, Roxxstar's CEO & Creative Director, is the driving force behind Roxxstar Collective. Hailing from Australia, she first rose to prominence with a thriving makeup business, then transitioned to Hollywood, distinguishing herself as a sought-after makeup artist for TV, commercials, and music videos. Alongside her husband, ​D.B.L. she co-founded Roxxstar Entertainment.


Fifi's artistry is marked by her inventive use of scrapers and palette knives, giving her pieces depth and texture. Her signature works are showcased in Las Vegas' premier arts venues, including the newest art gallery in Downtown Las Vegas, Slonina ARTSpace, as well as enhancing luxurious homes from the Las Vegas Strip to Lake Las Vegas.

Beyond her art, Fifi channels this innate creativity into Roxxstar's branding, web and logo design, content creation, and social media strategy. Further showcasing her multifaceted nature, Fifi also immerses herself in music, expressing her passion by playing the bass guitar.

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